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This is a mild, calming and purifying treatment with a refreshing aromatherapy scent. Volcanic Mud Masque is recommended as energizing and renewal mask for tired and dull looking skin. It exhibits excellent decongestive, cleansing, toning, and anti-bacterial effects. Pure volcanic mud is stimulating and detoxifying providing an antiseptic effect. It is a perfect cleansing treatment, it draws out impurities as it cleanses, and renews firmness and elasticity to the skin. Mineral earth is rich in natural minerals that help to retain moisture while absorbing excess sebum. Aloe Vera's healing and moisturizing properties help to restore the skin. It is very effective for combination, oily and blemished skin treatment. Could be used on normal to dry skin types as a cleansing and pore refining mask. For sensitive skin types use a small amount of mask with purified water (50/50 ratio). This is a setting type of mask, it dries and tightens on the skin. Regular use of this mask helps to achieve smoother and finer textured pores. 

Volcanic Mud Masque

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