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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to create a safe environment for ALL people to be creative. We believe we are ALL created to create. Our mission is to work alongside like -minded and heart loving people. Our vision is to unite the world through our Music and Film. We believe without U there is no Us. 

Our Motto is

“To make Art from the heart that feeds the Souls”

Our People

Nova Talent International’s professionals have over 100 years of combined experience.  This team of industry insiders is made up of Grammy & TV Award winning Producers, Directors, Songwriters & Engineers.  In 2020 Nova’s President, Producer & Film Director, Tami Knapp Smith joined forces with the Veteran Music industry experts A&R’s Michael Fontaine and Andre Williams.  This alignment named Nova to be the official Talent Agency for “The Stachehaus”.  Stachehaus is part of the the Royalty Network’s KMG and powered by The Orchard which makes them a full-service talent/brand incubator, record label & music distribution company. NTI has also joined forces with the Switzer Music Group as there go to digital Marketing partner. If you’re ready to Win & Soar Nova Talent International has the tools and the partnerships to make your dream a reality.


  • Market our Talent and Models to the industry professionals locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • We get the people who work day in and day out in the fast-paced world of film, TV, dance, and music production to teach our models and talent.

  • Along with sending our models and talent out, we bring producers, directors, and casting directors in. Our talent and models have had the opportunity to work with many industry professionals.

  • Together, Nova Talent International has had over 40 years of experience. These professionals have worked to develop influential relationships with the top modeling, fashion, and entertainment industry professionals.

  • We have placed many models, singers, dancers, and actors with top agencies, managers, and casting directors based on personal relationships with top industry professionals.

 CONTACT US         (208)-769-4831

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