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Top Entertainment Model & Talent Scout Creates Nova

Sep 6, 2003 --


Top Entertainment Model & Talent Scout Creates Nova



Entertainment diva and President, Tami Smith, begins the only entertainment consulting company of its kind called “Nova Model & Talent Scouts, Inc.” which caters to models, actors, singers, dancers, schools/training centers, and entertainment industry executives. 



Smith has tapped into virtually every faucet of the entertainment industry with over 30 years of experience as a child model and actor, motivational speaker, model and acting coach, agency director, as well as the vice president of one of the worlds largest modeling schools.  Her experience has molded the international entertainment consulting company, Nova. 



“The diverse experience that I have had in the entertainment industry has allowed me to develop a unique and effective company which provides a variety of services for professionals as well as aspiring models and actors,” Smith said.  “Over the years, I saw a serious need for a company like Nova in the industry and began the development long ago.”    



With over 100 years of combined experience, Nova professionals provide services including convention scouting, industry seminars and coaching for convention, agency/ management follow-up after convention, training of admissions staff, and training of education departments in schools/training centers. 



“Tami Smith is by far the best scout I have ever worked with,” Casting Director, Tony Rasmussen with Jeff Olan Casting said, “Her heart and soul is in this business and she strives to find the best possible people out there. Tami's positive outlook and keen sense of what us in the industry are looking for, make her a true asset to our industry.”



The distinctive Nova provides services throughout the nation and is currently working with schools/training centers from Los Angeles to New York as well as has an international relationship with agents, managers, producers, directors, casting directors, and entertainment industry professionals. 



“The services that Nova provides to schools is essential for any program,” Smith said, “Nova will provide the necessary tools and education to provide a higher recruitment of convention enrollees, provide more students with positive experiences from the program, provide a higher retention of students, acquire effective school staff members, and obtain clients that return to the program for their talent needs.”

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