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Singer Creates Debut CD

Mar 14, 2007 -- Airdrie Alberta,  singer Krista Brazeau is riding the wave on the way to achieving her dream.
The local teen has been spending the past few months travelling to California on weekends to record her debut CD, under the auspices of record producer Mark MDoc Williams.
Williams was first introduced to Brazeau last spring, at a Calgary audition hosted by Ms Tami Smith, owner of Nova Model & Talent for World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood California in which Krista competed along with Team Canada and the rest of the world in a Olympic style venue.Brazeau was awarded with four silver and one gold metal all in the vocal category.

 When he heard the richness and maturity of Brazeau’s voice, he knew she had what it takes to succeed.
"At the end of the day, talent wins overall," he said.
While Brazeau has been singing a verity of styles of music for several years, her direction has evolved and she will now be focusing on rhythm and blues and pop.
"That’s where I’m at," she said. "That’s what I enjoy doing the most."
Her songs, including an incredible ballad I’m Still Here which is still in the works , speak to the heart.
"They actually tell about life," she said.
According to her producer, Mdoc Williams of Hollywood California, what makes Brazeau stand out from the crowd is her mature voice and tone, which perfectly suits rhythm and blues and pop, and she will be able to follow other musical paths as time goes on.




"From there, it will develop into something different," Williams said. "It just builds and builds and builds." 
Thrilled about her opportunities, Brazeau is also learning about the work involved, as she is in the recording studio from early morning until 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.
"It is pleasantly exhausting. All my weekend is singing and arranging vocals and harmonies which I have been taught to perform myself instead of having backup vocalist backing me up ," she said. "It’s a long but rewarding day." 
Working in the studio with a wide variety of professionals, creating her own special sound, has been a valuable life experience for the Krista, producer Marc comments.
"It’s way different from any other recording I’ve ever done," Brazeau said. "It’s more natural." 
And being able to work with and learn from Williams who has produced with some of the worlds greatest performers has been great.
"I enjoy what I do. It’s so much fun," she said. "It’s fun to go to California, too."
The plan is to release Brazeau’s CD this summer.
"We’re still recording five songs and (will do) four over the next couple of months," Williams said. "We want to take our time and do it right."
For now, she is continuing with regular classes at high school. She takes singing lessons with a Chestermere music teacher, who brings with her an operatic background, and continues to sing in senior choir.
"I like doing it – it also does get my voice stronger," Brazeau said. 
Her friends are supportive, too.
"My friends are cool with it," the Grade 11 student said. "They don’t treat me any different.
"They’re really excited,"she added. "I made my one friend cry – she was in tears when she heard this one song."
Brazeau is travelling an exciting road, but she remains firmly rooted in the important things in life, thanks to parents Robert and Donna, professional musicians themselves.
"They taught me everything I know," she said. 

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